About Us

Infinite Services, Inc. is a New York based corporation with sites in Brooklyn and Queens. We were founded in 2009 to provide high quality Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy as well as Counseling services to children and families throughout the five boroughs.

We specialize in the delivery of Special Education Services to children ages 3-18, are licensed by the New York State Education Department, sponsored by NYC DOE Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) to service preschool age children and by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) to service school age children.

We are committed to provide students with all the skills and learning experiences they need to thrive in school and succeed in life.

Starting September 2012 and following the award of DOE Primary Contract for Speech and Language Therapy, as well as other contracts for Occupational and Physical Therapy in all five boroughs, Infinite Services has serviced over 2600 children both in private and public schools.

Our Family Services Program is based on the essential human value of giving back.

Giving back as adults all the care and devotion we once received from our parents and caregivers.

Just as the parents caringly and responsibly provided the therapy services that allowed their children to develop the skills necessary to be successful in school and in life, so too, the adult children reach a point of giving back both the care and concern as well as the therapy services necessary to make the life of their aging parent(s) or family member better and more enjoyable.

Our Family Services Program is designed to meet the specific needs of adults, parents and grandparents and is tailored to deliver our services with the same high quality and care we deliver services to the younger generation. It is designed to provide the therapy services necessary for the adults to thrive, regardless of the life stage they are at.

Our Family Services Program includes the delivery of Speech, Occupational, Physical Therapy and Counseling services in nursing homes, rehab facilities and home care environments.

Certified SLP & CFY's OT PT Counseling SETTS
Monolingual & Bilingual SLPs with Certification of Clinical Competence (CCCs)

Certified Occupational Therapist , OTR
Certified Physical Therapists /PTR

Monolingual SETTS
Monolingual & Bilingual SLPs on Clinical Fellowship Year (CFYs) Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant, COTAs Physical Therapy Assisants / PTA Licensed Clinical Social
Workers / LCSW
Bilingual SETTS
Occupational Therapists Assistant, OTAs
Infinite Therapy Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Our Vision is to be known by all for consistently responding to requests for service with a sense of urgency and delivering therapy services of high quality to both children and adults in the five boroughs, no matter how remote the location for services might be or how short the mandate for them.

Our Vision reflects our passion for making a positive difference in the life of the children and adults receiving therapy services as well as in the life of the therapist who provides them.
Our Mission at Infinite Services is to make a positive difference in the life of children by addressing their Special Education needs with a sense of urgency, with quality, increasing their level of ability and with a relentless commitment to progress. We believe that every child has potential and our Mission is to bring out that potential. We are guided at all times by the values of inclusion, cultural sensitivity and genuine caring.

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