Our Family Services Program is based in the essential human value of giving back: Giving back as adults all the care and devotion we once received from our parents and caregivers.

Just as the parents caringly and responsibly provided the therapy services that allowed their children to develop the skills necessary to be successful in school and in life, so too, the adult children reach a point of giving back both the care and concern as well as the therapy services necessary to make the life of their aging parent(s) or family member better and more enjoyable.

Our Family Services Program is designed to meet the specific needs of adults, parents and grandparents and is tailored to deliver our services with the same high quality and care we deliver services to the younger generation. It is designed to provide the therapy services necessary for the adults to thrive, regardless of the life stage they are at.

Our Family Services Program includes the delivery of Speech, Occupational, Physical Therapy and Counseling services in nursing homes, rehab facilities and home care environments.