I have had a very positive experience with Infinite Services. I was allocated a friendly school in a suburb not far from my home. Clinical supervision is available whenever the need arises. Checks are submitted promptly, and office/administration staff are a pleasure to communicate with!

Queens, NY

(Therapy Provider)

"Infinite services is one of the best agencies I've ever worked for. Infinite Services always pays their employees on time and on a weekly, not bi-weekly, basis.  The staff is one of a kind; everyone's very friendly, supportive, organized and extremely professional. There's always someone available to answer any questions, address any concerns, give advice, or even lend a helping hand. As an independent contractor who works for several different agencies in NYC, and as a current employee at Infinite Services, I highly recommend Infinite Services to anyone looking for employment and/or to parents looking for service providers for their children.

Manhattan, NY

(Therapy Provider)

Having been employed by Infinite Services Inc. as speech therapist has given me strong confidence and trust in myself to carry out my daily goals among the challenging children with varied speech and language deficiencies. The support of the management and staff as regards to openness and respect to listen to my concerns has motivated me to strive and work to the best of my capacity. The company has been kind and considerate and always looks after safety issues in my work place since I am really new in the community where I serve.  I am guided by the company’s vision and mission to help alleviate the lives of our clients and their families. I believe I can make a difference and can contribute to the company’s success.

Jersey City, N.J.
(Therapy Provider)

Mi nombre es Paola y quisiera decir que estoy muy contenta con los servicios que le dieron a  mi hijo , la terapia del habla fue exelente con tecnologia nueva y actualizada .Muchas gracias por ayudar a que mi hijo se supere.

P. R.
Queens N.Y

If you are looking for a great therapist from a professional agency with courteous staff, DO NOT over-look Infinite Therapy Services!  I have twin boys in CPSE and needed to find my own speech therapist.  Unlike another  well-established agency that didn’t even extend the courtesy of a call back to say it had no therapists available, Jasmine from Infinite returned my call by the next day.  She was very polite and helpful, and found a therapist who was able to accommodate my unique situation.  The therapist – Joseph – is excellent!  He has been very professional since day one, and very patient yet firm with my boys, especially one of whom who has a difficult time with attention span.  He absolutely loves Joseph and asks everyday whether “Mr. Joseph is coming today.”   As a mother who is very concerned about her children’s well-being, and a busy attorney who has no tolerance for mediocrity or unprofessionalism, I highly recommend and trust Infinite Therapy Services to provide excellent service and high quality therapists willing to work with the most inflexible schedule.

Queens N.Y.


"Thank you for making my career as a school based SLP a rewarding and satisfying experience! For the past few years, you have provided me with an enjoyable and motivating working atmosphere. It is so comforting to know that there is always someone there when help is needed. Whether it is a technical question, professional development, or other issues that may arise from working at different settings, your advice is candid and reliable. Thank you for considering my personal preferences to help me find a position that fits my needs, location, and setting. You continuously develop programs and incentives to please employees while encouraging quality services. I really love working with you and look forward to a promising future!"

Brooklyn, NY
(Therapy Provider)

Starting my life all over is never easy, especially after we nearly lost our visa's earlier this year. Through the help of Infinite, I am able to stay in the country and fulfill my dreams. As an immigrant who is trying to make it "big" in NYC, I found my own niche under the wings of Infinite. I feel infinite possibilities, a lot of opportunities, and a chance to have a better life. Being a part of the company is akin to coming home. And I'm intending to stay... for good.

Queens, N.Y.
(Therapy Provider)

Certified SLP & CFY's OT PT Counseling SETTS
Monolingual & Bilingual SLPs with Certification of Clinical Competence (CCCs)

Certified Occupational Therapist , OTR
Certified Physical Therapists /PTR

Monolingual SETTS
Monolingual & Bilingual SLPs on Clinical Fellowship Year (CFYs) Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant, COTAs Physical Therapy Assisants / PTA Licensed Clinical Social
Workers / LCSW
Bilingual SETTS
Occupational Therapists Assistant, OTAs
Infinite Therapy Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Our Vision is to be known by all for consistently responding to requests for service with a sense of urgency and delivering therapy services of high quality to both children and adults in the five boroughs, no matter how remote the location for services might be or how short the mandate for them.

Our Vision reflects our passion for making a positive difference in the life of the children and adults receiving therapy services as well as in the life of the therapist who provides them.
Our Mission at Infinite Services is to make a positive difference in the life of children by addressing their Special Education needs with a sense of urgency, with quality, increasing their level of ability and with a relentless commitment to progress. We believe that every child has potential and our Mission is to bring out that potential. We are guided at all times by the values of inclusion, cultural sensitivity and genuine caring.

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